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Hillu’s Herzdropfa – Schtoi(reiche) ALBSCHWOBA

3. May | 20:00 bis 22:00 Uhr


We welcome her as Lena ond Maddeis Schuahdone to our stories from her life!

Situations that every viewer has already experienced in a similar way at one time or another!

Hillus Herzdropfa see life from the cheerful side! Emmr Kuh(l) bleiba!

With spontaneity, flexibility and their joy of being on stage, Hillus Herzdropfa have been delighting audiences of all ages for 15 years!

Hillus Herzdropfa are masters of taking Swabian sensitivities to task. There are no language barriers for Hillus Herzdropfa. They talk like one of the schnabls! “The Swabian who gets out of the habit of speaking his dialect becomes impoverished. The Swabian is taciturn, but not silent.

Ihra Leitschbruch: If you talk too much, you’ll get too much

Hillus Herzdropfa – genuine original stones from the stone(rich) Swabian Alb. They are inextricably linked to the Swabian Alb. The audience can feel this at first hand during their performances.

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3. May 2025
20:00 - 22:00


Radolfzell milk plant
Werner-Messmer-Strasse 14
Radolfzell, 78315