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Mundstuhl – May contain traces of nuts

29. September | 19:00 bis 21:00 Uhr


The best comedy duo in the universe is ready for the next prank!
And yes! It will be even more fun than ever before. Anyone who thought that the peak of humorous madness had already been reached after 25 years of MUNDSTUHL will be proven wrong with the brand new program KANN SPUREN VON NÜSSEN ENTHALTEN.

So fresh and varied, so crazy and fast, as if the two sympathetic Echo Award winners had injected an adrenaline shot into their vegetative humor center. In the best Mundstuhl style, both beloved and brand new characters take to the stage. The psychopathic Grillschorsch, the choleric Andi, the unpressurized peace activists Malte and Torben from No Pressure and special guest Der Dschieses, who is back on earth at the behest of his father – all the Mundstuhl characters have a serious chip on their shoulder and are designed as absurdly exaggerated caricatures.

This includes the East German Hartz IV mothers Peggy and Sandy, the world’s worst magicians Sickroy and Fried and of course Dragan and Alder, the inventors of Kanak comedy, who gave the Hessian cult comedians their breakthrough a quarter of a century ago. Every now and then, satirical points light up, but mostly it’s about the pure joy of nonsense, which is presented with an infectious joy of playing.

In times of constantly raised index fingers, gender stars and political correctness, MUNDSTUHL continue to make jokes about everything and everyone and the best thing is: you can and must laugh heartily about it.

The two comedians and podcasters Lars Niedereichholz and Ande Werner are regarded as the most successful and versatile comedy duo in Germany and achieve an almost ludicrous density of punchlines in their new program.
But beware! This program MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF NUTS.

“Politically completely incorrect and hilarious.” Westfälische Allgemeine
“MUNDSTUHL are unique!” BZ
“Huge applause with tears of laughter!” BILD newspaper
“The AC/DC of comedy! Laugh out loud!” SZ

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29. September
19:00 - 21:00


Radolfzell milk plant
Werner-Messmer-Strasse 14
Radolfzell, 78315